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It’s more than a passion, it’s a lifestyle. Enjoy life, Eruca!

No mass production like any other brand, but an unique design piece that you can be proud of. It is therefore that the carbonsnowboard is put on the wall, like a piece of art, after the winter season.

Carbonsnowboards.nl is the exclusive dealer of Eruca BV in the Netherlands that is specialized in “Hyper rocker” carbon snowboards. The production of this carbon snowboard is entirely in-house and unique in the world. Because each snowboard is handmade, there is no mass production. This keeps you unique with an Eruca on the slopes.

The innovation of the company Eruca recognizes in all aspects when you see the vision of the company. Where other snowboard brands stop and stick to the familiar, Eruca dares to stand out. Not only the new inlaid process of the carbon is a good example, but also the “Stealth”.

Questions? Here you can find the answers!
Questions? Here you can find the answers!

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